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What we believe

Christ Church Bangkok is a protestant church open to all people and we welcome everyone.

"Christ Church Bangkok strives to be a vibrant, growing, welcoming, Bible-based, prayerful community which worships the risen Jesus Christ, and demonstrates Christ's love." We are committed to the authority and accuracy of Scripture as the ultimate voice of God, who defines our faith and life together:

  • We express our love for God in worship and in prayer

  • We are a Bible-based, prayerful community, equipping God's servants to apply God's Word and will in practical ways 

  • We come to worship God: we know He is present, we hear Him speak 

  • We reach out to each other and to the community: 

  • We express our love for our neighbours by caring for them and helping them to know and experience God's love through Jesus Christ 

  • We are committed to share God's love by serving Thailand and its people 

  • We are a caring community. Each person is valued and by God's Word we seek to build each other up in Christ ​


Our Team

Matthew Fitter

Rev. Matthew Fitter


Okechukwu Okafor (Okey)

Okechukwu Okafor (Okey)

International Coordinator

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Patcharin Veliath Jain (Patty)

Children and Youth Ministry Leader

Panjit Chanete

Panjit Chanete

Accounts Manager


Sarah Saparamdacha

Admin Assistant

Ophak Ophak (Opas)

 Ophak Ophak (Opas)

Church and Compound Maintainer

Sukwa Lache (Believe)

 Sukwa Lache (Believe)

Compound Assistant 

 Too Mar (Lily)

 Too Mar

Church and Compound Cleaner

Nucharee Krajaiklin (Nud)          Vicarage Maid_edited.jpg

 Nucharee Krajaiklin (Nud)

 Vicarage Maid

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