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The Karen people are an ethnic community that resides primarily in Myanmar, who have been subjected to persecution from the Burmese ethnic majority since WW11. Victims of massacres, deliberate destruction of their villages, food sources, and medical services, the Karen community have been subjected to horrifying conditions for decades.  This situation has displaced thousands over the past 50 years, forcing many to flee, settling in refugee camps in neighboring Thailand. Reports from the Karen refugees tell of overcrowding, and disease. Few can leave the camps, at risk of being arrested, which restricts their lives tremendously.  Christ Church Bangkok has been co-ordinating emergency supplies and offering support for the Karen people from the refugee camps since 1984. This relationship has developed and Christ Church is now a vital component in supporting the educational needs of the Karen people. This includes support for three nursery schools inside the Mae La Refugee Camp, and an orphanage, home to 45 children.   Half an hour north of Mae La Camp, Christ Church also supports the Noh Bo Academy, which provides secondary education for 200 students, aged between 13 - 23. Many of these are boarders from the refugee camp. In addition to financing the school, Christ Church engages volunteer teachers to teach English, Social Studies, and Religious Studies. ​ Christ Church seeks to raise 3 million Thai Baht (91,000$ US) every year to fund this work. We are grateful for the support that comes from many people from all over the world. However, expenses are ever-growing, and donations are vital in order to keep this support alive.

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